Our new series – “Estate-Moments” takes you to the most beautiful places in the area. We will start with one of our personal favorite places: The Loisach Springs. By the way, it is not only our favorite place – also the beaver that gives Biberwier its name is active up there as a builder. We have never seen it before, but its dams are impressive and have reshaped the whole landscape of the Loisach springs.

What makes the Loisach springs so special? Nature shows what it can do here. Lush green accompanies the stream from its origin, nestled between wooded hills, directly in the middle of tall trees flows the clear water. It comes from countless sources, which then form the Loisach.

At the origin lined with reeds and aquatic plants that magically glow green in the sun, past picturesque old stone walls (up here gold was once searched for a long time ago), it falls over a small waterfall and slowly forms the stream. Beautiful, ideal for exploring with kids on a hot day. An unforgettable highlight on a family holiday.

Look forward to your summer holiday.
On your Zugspitze Auszeit Deluxe…

The Loisach